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The Iranian Medical Society is pleased to offer Persian speaking medical and dental students studying in the UK an opportunity to apply for financial support towards their electives. This is made possible by the generous donation of the Shakib family. This award is open to Persian speaking medical and dental students in the UK undertaking approved electives.


These awards will be advertised and awarded annually. The award provides a contribution towards the overall costs of travel and subsistence. The awards will be £500 each.

Closing date for the next round 28th February 2020. Submissions now closed.

The following conditions apply:

  • The Elective has to be undertaken before 31 December 2020.

  • Students must be members of IMS (or apply for free membership).

  • Student must be Persian speaking.

  • The award may only be used for the purpose approved by the Board.

  • Retrospective applications will not be accepted.

  • A report of 1000 words must be submitted within eight weeks following completion of the elective.

  • If invited, the students must agree to present on their elective at one of the IMS’s academic meetings.


  1. A front page clearly stating the candidate's name, university, and subject & year of study.

  2. A one-page statement from the candidate of intention, objectives and an indicative budget. 

  3. A reference from the candidate's medical school.

  4. A letter of agreement from the host unit.

  5. A statement confirming Persian speaking heritage.

All documents must be placed together in ONE document named as your family name, and uploaded* via the link below.

*Please note that by submitting your forms, you have given your consent for the Iranian Medical Society to process and evaluate the information you have given us for the purposes stated above. 

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