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Our Work

1, The longest continuously running Iranian professional society in Europe (over 50 years)

2, The only registered charity in the UK with the purpose of serving the Persian speaking community in the UK

3, Over 750 members including outstanding/ senior medical, dental and health care professions

4, Track record of mentoring/ helping Iranians in the UK and Iran

5, Regular academic and social/ networking events

6, Totally independent with no funding from any source except our own activities and fees.

7, Once a member: free entry to all our academic programmes and significant discounts on our social events.

History of IMS (Iranian Medical Society) London

Back in 1960, the first professional medical society outside Iran, was funded by a few Iranian doctors based in London, United Kingdom.  This society was named Iranian Medical Society (IMS) and was active for only a year or two, before it stopped functioning.

In 1973, another group of Iranian Doctors re-established the IMS which, again, lasted for only a few years.

Then, in the spring of 1978, a larger group of Iranian Doctors in London met in Darvish Restaurant, with the aim of re-establishing IMS in order to support each other professionally as well as other fellow Iranian Doctors in the UK. 

During that meeting, a Committee was elected and some of those elected were chosen to draft a Constitution for IMS, which was originally in the Farsi language and subsequently translated into English by one of the long-standing Committee Members together with the assistance of an English lawyer. 

The original Constitution, written in Farsi, required several meetings and the hard work of those chosen to draft it, on a voluntary basis, with the aim of reflecting the non-political, non- religious and non- profit making organization that is the IMS.

Between 1978 and 1984, the Society was socially and culturally active and popular. During the Iran- Iraq war, the Society was able to raise £19,000 to buy medicines and an Ambulance, which were sent as humanitarian aid to Iran.

Around 1985, the IMS's activities were reduced when a few of the Committee Members returned back to Iran. Even then though, the remaining members did continue to meet monthly in Yas Restaurant to keep the Society alive until 1993, when the next election took place.  

Fortunately this election was very successful and the chosen Committee Members were highly qualified medical professionals, who combined as a team with much experience and enthusiasm, helping the IMS to gradually progress and grow in  membership. In fact in 2002, in addition to organising regular scientific seminars, cultural and social events they were also able to set up the IMS telephone and published three medical Bulletins (Sinanameh).

Over the past 10 years, IMS has been established as one of the most prestigious, capable and well-known societies within the UK Persian speaking community. It thrives today with nearly 300 members in its mailing list and 600 members on Facebook, continuing to organise medical/ scientific meetings of highest calibre and regular networking/ social events for the members. Its recent formal registration as a Charity, further allows the IMS to develop its goal of helping the Persian speaking community in the UK for the benefit of all.

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